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Our Archievements

Creation of a league for animal defenders and ethical committee for research and experimentation involving animals (both with consulting status for municipal authorities)
Since 1986

Advocacy for public discussion and forums involving legislative authorities in the city (Council of Medellin and the Legislative Assembly of the province of Antioquia) in animal issues

Comunication and Media
Promoting public debates in topics of animal rights by writing more than 600 articles in local press.

Massive sterilization campaigns
Being a pioneer in sterilization campaigns since 1998 with a record of 15.000 attended animals

Legal Actions
Claiming for legal actions under the Colombian Constitution (2001)
In order to make the local authorities responsible for animal wellness (construction of the first Municipal Animal Refugee)

The problem
In most of the Colombian cities there is an important amount of stray and abandoned dogs that represent a real risk for human health and environmental conditions.

The causes
Uncontrolled reproduction of domestic animals
The growth in population rates (overpopulation)
Excretion volumes
The noise generated by packs of stray dogs
zoonotic diseases
Those problems require control and real solutions
The solution
To maintain the equilibrium between sanitary measures and environmental conditions, it is necessary to build ethical strategies in order to deal with the problem.
Evaluation, treatment, intervention, sterilization and euthanasia when it could be necessary for humanitarian reasons.
Educate and make the community aware of responsible pet reproduction and tenancy
The Animal Protection Society have defied this challenge by its own means solving partially the problem

In 1992 the APS opened a popular veterinary hospital of easy access to communities of Medellin, bringing solutions for people of low incomes.


The enormous necessities of such communities exceed our equipment, economic conditions and locations.
Being conscious of the risks associated with this problem for human health and environment, our organization an its long experience is designing an accurate solution for the city of Medellin and its metropolitan area

Time of execution: 2009

The advantages of prevention and care

General objective of our project:
- To control the abandoned animal population and help the low income pet’s owners
- To educate the community regarding responsible tenancy of pets

Specific objectives:

- Offer medical treatment to abandoned animals (heal and prevention)
- Improve health conditions for animals under tenancy
- Educate the local community trough public talks, videos and written material

Our propose

- The first stage is to educate and make our community to be aware of the problem. In doing so it is also important to build an extensive inventory (census) of animal population in Medellin.
- The second stage will be the sterilization of all domestic animals in the streets

Benefits of our project

Social benefits

- Overpopulation control
- The abandon of animal is mostly related to a non responsible tenancy or socio-economic conditions that difficult the full access to veterinary services.

Environmental benefits
Index diminution of:

1. Contamination by noise
2. Proliferation of zoonotic diseases
3. Decomposition of corpses in public spaces (killed animals)

All of above in order to facilitate harmonic relations between humans and domestic animals

Financial campaign

- It is urgent to develop massive education programs in order to make the community aware of the problem of abandoned and unattended animals in our streets (when tenancy and income are crucial factors)
- We are inviting persons, companies and non profit organizations in the local and international level that would help to solve this problem and then make the difference for animal and society (importance of networking)
- The Animal Protection Society (SPA) is entitled by law to give a deducible-tax certification to companies. This is possible because in the Colombian Constitution, companies have a social and environmental responsibility.
- Our financial campaign shall be audited to guaranty transparency and equity in managing economic resources and donations.

Getting envolved and making the difference in Medellin

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