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Corporate Statements

Corporate Statements
MISSION: In keeping with our humanitarian work to avoid suffering, the Animal Protection Society carries out activities aimed at improving the living conditions of animals exploited by human beings, and building respectful attitudes conducive to harmonious coexistence.
VISION: The Medellin Animal Protection Society was founded in the year 1917. By the centennial of its founding, it will have endorsed the creation of other entities responsible for animal welfare and ethical treatment, increased and expanded the participation of civil society and the fulfillment of official agencies in the prevention, control of the population of domestic animals, as in the implementation of existing legal norms in our country in terms of animal species.
VALUES: The Animal Protection Society is prone to a relationship with animals based on respect. It advocates for the dissemination of values based on principles, feelings and behaviors to achieve solidarity, tolerance, and freedom among living beings. Animal Protection Society. The Animal Protection Society (SPA)
The Animal Protection Society (SPA) is developing an important number of activities in order to improve the living conditions for animals. In this effort the SPA is promoting the concept of respect and responsible treatment to animals in order to build an harmonic coexistence between humans and all the species.
Promote the importance of respect and compassion in understanding the relations between animals and humans in order to achieve:
- Solidarity
- Tolerance
- Freedom
For all the living beings
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Dirección del Consultorio

Carrera 75 #65-176
Tel: 57+4+2600001
Medellín Colombia
Sur América