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The Animal protection Society is primarily a pro-animal entity that is prone to a relationship with animals based on respect rather than extravagant and sentimental attitudes sustained by fanaticism, extremism and paternalism that distort the true meaning of humanitarian work. For the pro-animal cause, there is not difference between human and animal pain.  Suffering only exists regardless of the species to which it belongs. We respect deeply the work of ecologists and we have a great concern over the serious environmental problems of the planet, but our work is limited only to disseminate and raise awareness of animal suffering.  
The humanitarian work developed by the Animal Protection Society involves treating animals with respect and consideration for their lives. By all means at our disposal, including the media, we extend our voice of protest trying to prevent crime and everyday massive slaughterhouses, intensive breeding farms, circuses and zoos, racecourses, centers for zoonoses, Bullfighting, hunting, fishing, and places where animal experiments are conducted. This is testified by more than six hundred newspaper articles and countless media interviews on local and national radio and television.
Medellin Animal Protection Society goes beyond maintaining and assisting a number of animals, helping only a few dogs and cats. The greatest achievement was reached by creating a favorable atmosphere so that municipality would take care of those who are in a state of helplessness in a number infinitely smaller than the one we had to attend two decades ago.  These numbers are recorded in the statistics kept by our institution, which are also the only truthful and objective way of knowing the situation and the trend in the problems of our city.  
The Animal Protection Society advocates the eradication of all forms of animal exploitation.  Avoiding the slaughter is the main concern of a humanitarian work like ours, and not only because  millions of animals are killed for human consumption but also because of the state of helplessness in which they are. We fight against all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation that deliberately and based on economic interests are done with animals.  
In its interest to spread the fight for animal rights, the institution participates in meetings, lectures, conferences, roundtables and discussions to raise awareness about the unfair treatment to animals, always trying to reach a broad audience. Approaching the problem of the erratic human behavior towards animals from a global perspective and not just the anecdote about specific cases occurred in a given time, is our concern. We believe that this is a fight that must be done with an open mind and intelligence as the heart and sentiment, not sentimentality, made very clearly to serve the cause.
In order not to repeat mistakes overtaken by us, we offer advice to other similar entities on issues related to existing laws in our country, shaping animal defenders boards in different cities, and also on how to manage  a pound and on all issues we have accumulated by our own experiences.  
More than 94 years of work  back up the institution social recognition, because it has been present throughout the development process from the fledgling town until what it is now: the city  in which we have developed a civic work nobody else was willing to assume.  
The entity has overcome difficult times. Many years ago we objected the cruel slaughter of stray animals by the secretariat of health, and more recently we had faced the arrogance of public officials who wanted to impose their ideas forgetting social service. Despite everything, the institution continues with the moral rectitude that allows its autonomy. At the end of the 80’s we managed to shape the Board and Defense of Animals and we have been part of it since then.  At the beginning of the 90’s we managed to shape the first ethics committee for animal use in research, and we are still part of it. . Thanks to the action of the Animal Protection Society, Medellin does not have a center of zoonoses, a sad place for extermination that, unfortunately,  other main cities in Colombia have to endure There is no need to justify the countless actions performed, as the beginning of the massive sterilization campaign in 1998 several years before any other entity had assumed the responsibility.  Nowadays The Society is the only entity that has the necessary infrastructure to take care of pets professionally.  . It had the only pound in the city until the municipality opened its own place, and still has a  veterinary clinic  open to the public, regardless of socio-economic stratum, that is unique in Medellin.


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